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We had three things that were absolutely necessary in planning our reception. The first of which was a unique location- both of us wanted more than the exhausted hotel ballrooms, golf club houses, and garden tents. Secondly, because I was a serious vegetarian (and him a serious supporter), we decided to have an entirely vegetarian menu, though we decided not to boast this fact on the menu. We excluded tofu and other stereotypical ingredients, focusing instead on entrees that, we hoped, would show our guests how much they could enjoy a meal without meat without even realizing it. Lastly, my fiance and I were (and I) both very enthusiastic about children. We love their laughter, their anger, their curiosity, and felt that the dynamic of children at the reception would erase the usual stuffiness of weddings. After all, I recall asserting to family and friends, a wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of family and life that there is and we couldn't imagine excluding some of the most delightful parts of the family. Including children took more consideration in planning, as we had to imagine activities that they could also enjoy. In the end, though, the atmosphere of children and adults was a wonderful splendor.

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